Wackamole its a super fun game !

Wackamole is a fun an interesting game to play.  It is an arcade-style game where the player tries to hit plastic moles on the head with a mallet before they go back into their holes.  The faster the player hits the moles, the higher the score the player gets.  In the first few levels, there may only be one or two moles that come up at a time.  However, in the higher levels, several moles might pop up quickly.  This requires the player to quickly determine which mole popped up first and hit that one before moving onto the other moles.

Wackamole can be played competitively with friends; however, there is usually only one person playing at a time.  To play wackamole competitively, one player should play a round and then another player should play the next round.  Whoever gets the highest score is the winner.  Another version of playing wackamole competitively involves one player playing several rounds and averaging his score before the next player does the same thing.  In this version, the player with the higher average wins.