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What is NT Backhand Broadcaster?
mod_backhand is a peer-based load balancing architecture. The mod_backhand moderator is only available for *nix based Apache web servers. However, some may wish to have machines running other web servers or operating systems participate in the mod_backhand cluster. In order for a machine to participate, it must announce it's resource information to the rest of the machines in the cluster.

The NT Backhand Broadcaster (NTBHB) acts as a standalone application for Windows NT that will broadcast it's resource information. This will allow other mod_backhand enabled Apache servers on the network to direct requests to the NT machine effectively adding it to the cluster.

The NT Backhand Broadcaster was written and contributed to the Backhand project by Rob Butler.

How it works:
NTBHB broadcasts NT performance information from your NT server onto the network in a format compatible with mod_backhand. mod_backhand will accept this information and allow redirection of requests to the NT machine and use it as a cluster resource for web service.

Other Apache+mod_backhand servers can redirect web traffic to these machines regardless of the web server being run there (IIS, Apache, etc.)

Under what license(s) is ntbhb available?
The NT Backhand Broadcaster is released under an Apache-Style license and can be considered Open Source software. Please remember that the author of this software maintains intellectual property rights and under his sole discretion can release this revision and any later revision under alternative licenses as he sees fit. You can also visit the legal license for ntbhb.

This license is modeled after the license presented for the Apache Project by the Apache Group.

Important People
Rob Butler

For a complete list: See the NOTICE file that accompanies this distribution.

Where can I get ntbhb?
ntbhb is publicly available, and is available here or from the following sites:
If you are interested in the development tree, a publicly available, read-only, anonymous CVS tree exists:
  • MODULE NAME mod_backhand
  • Browsable via web through viewcvs here.

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Where was mod_backhand created?
This software was written by Rob Butler. It includes software from the Backhand Project created at the Johns Hopkins' CNDS.

Copyright © 1999 Theo Schlossnagle. All rights reserved.