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The NOTICE file that accompanies this distribution.
This is the NOTICE file that hold all of the acknowledgements and other
stuff that couldn't be put anywhere else.

Backhand was created to level the playing field in a world full of commercial
solutions.  It is our intention that this project be kept open source and that
all commercial spin-offs contribute their modifications back into the public
source tree.  It is not our intent that one will take this software and
attempt to modify it for profit through distribution.  We realize that the
license does not prohibit these actions (it was chosen to match the Apache
license so as to reduce complications), but know that by doing so you are
violating the intentions of the Creators.  The license is BSD-style for
compliance with Apache and to facilitate wide-spread use.

	Yair Amir
	Theo Schlossnagle

Individual Participants:
	Baruch Awerbauch
	Ryan Borgstrom
	Alec Peterson
	George Schlossnagle
	Jonathan Stanton

	Martin Domig
	Rob Butler (NT Backhand Broadcaster)

Thank you:
	Lisa Schlossnagle

Participating Entities:
	The Center for Networking and Distributed Systems & Yair Amir @ JHU
		(for providing a productive stimulating environment
		in which great projects like this can happen)
	The Johns Hopkins University Computer Science Department
		(for loaning a Solaris/sparc machine for the Soalris/sparc
		port of mod_backhand)
	Gaver Techonolgies, Inc. (for providing some very hefty web
		applications to make testing a whole lot easier)
	OmniTI, Inc. (for providing test machines including a Solaris/x86
		machine so that port could happen)

mod_backhand development was partially funded by a grant from the Defense 
Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to Johns Hopkins University. The U.S.
Government retains certain rights in this software.

Copyright © 1999 Theo Schlossnagle. All rights reserved.