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It is well known that being a farmer is very hard work. The country was built by the labor from hard working individuals such as farmers. Without them, we would not have all of the wonderful things that we enjoy today. Farmers provide us with not only food but with materials that are used to make a whole wide variety of other products. Farmers have to work every day both day and night to ensure that their crops are producing the very best quality and quantity possible. The get up before the sun rises and work late into the evening to produce the wonderful fruit, vegetables, and grains that we depend on today. It is impossible for a society to live without farmers. They are the backbone of our society and they are vital to our existence.


When we drive by farms we rarely think of the hard work that goes into their jobs every single day. Even during the cold weather months, a farmer is getting his land ready for crops that will soon be planted. Farmers have to be part scientist, part weather forecaster, and part business professionals to get the results that it takes to be successful and pay the bills. Many people don’t realize what all goes into running a successful farm. A farmer must value hard work and be willing to sacrifice to make a farm become successful. Sweet Tomatoes restaurants knows how important the farmers are to this country and rely on them to provide the freshest and tastiest products available on the market to produce the outstanding menu items that they provide to the public.


Sweet Tomatoes values our farmers and is committed to obtaining fresh ingredients from them. This is not only good for the farmer and the restaurant, but it is also good news for the consumers. They can be assured that they are getting the best ingredients available on the market without having to question where the food is coming from. Sweet Tomatoes believes in supporting our farmers and bringing you the highest quality ingredients available fresh from the farm.


Sweet Tomatoes is also known for having a great lunch special. They have a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads to provide you with a fantastic lunch for a small price. Be sure to be on the lookout for the Sweet Tomatoes coupons $6.99 lunch. The Sweet Tomatoes coupons are a great value and will allow you to get a healthy and satisfying lunch for a great deal. Sweet Tomatoes also has a great variety of entrees for dinner for those that are making strides to eat better and still get a delicious meal. There are tons of healthy options that are sure to become a favorite. Anytime you need a change or feel the need to have a healthy meal without having to create a mess in the kitchen you can go to your local Sweet Tomatoes and they will be happy to provide you with a farm fresh meal that you can feel good about.

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Biological Food and its Benefits

What is biological food?

Simply, it is organic. This means the food has been naturally grown using compost or manure, any pesticides used are from natural ingredients, and nature’s helpers – the birds and insects – are used to get rid of pests along with traps rather than chemical poisons. Livestock are not given hormones or antibiotics and are fed their natural diet, which is GMO free and organic. They are kept healthy by a natural lifestyle consisting of fresh air, clean housing and rotational grazing.

The benefits of biological food

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We are all organic (biological) organisms. Our health depends on what we eat, but the challenges of a healthy diet go far beyond shedding extra pounds. We are ‘made’ of natural materials – not man made chemicals – and whatever we eat becomes part of our bodies; as muscle, fat, blood and bone. Many diseases, such as cancer, are considered ‘new’ because they rarely, if at all, existed before today’s ‘chemical age’. Science continues to debate the pros and cons of living in an ‘advanced’ society which not only offloads chemicals into the air and water, but adds them to our food. So it’s up to us to do our research and try the healthier alternatives for ourselves – like biological Food.

Food for Thought

The effect of a growing population has resulted in the need to preserve as much food as possible, growing it as fast as possible, without sharing with the insects! But we are part of a ‘sharing’ ecosystem, with all living beings depending on each other to survive, so this has lead to major problems. With the introduction of synthetic pesticides along with antibiotics, fungicides, irradiation, synthetic fertilizers, sludge fertilizers (made from human sewage) and biotechnology, together with medicated feed, hormones, herbicides and chemicals used in processing, little wonder health problems continue to rise, along with damage to the environment and pollinating insects such as bees. Local eco-systems have been seriously affected by continual dependence on these methods, which are not necessary and never have been.

Thankfully, more and more people are choosing not to support companies who produce food this way. And the alternative? Biological (organic) food. Reports are that this food not only tastes better, but is more nutritious – so you feel better too. There are contradictions to consider, such as a UK study which claimed the nutritional value between biological and non-biological produce was no different: however, chemicals taken into the body can affect our ability to absorb nutrients; resulting in more work for our immune systems, and less focus on digestion – so fewer nutrients are absorbed. An overloaded immune system can lead to allergies, and many people have reported success – with their allergies disappearing completely – on-switching to biological food.

Is biological food more expensive?

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Reports are yes, but only by a small margin. This is because natural production is more time-consuming. By comparison, a big brand perfume will cost between ten to hundreds of dollars more than a less popular one – a far greater margin. The good news is biological produce is readily available in supermarkets as well as smaller stores, and if you can’t go completely biological to begin with, doing it gradually to fit in with your budget can still reward you with lifetime benefits. But what about eating out? Well, here’s more good news…


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Don’t expect a couple of salad leaves and a lone tomato here! You can eat as much as you want, and what you choose is not only biological, but fresh too – from local farms, served within hours of delivery – then cooked from scratch. Whether vegetarian or meat dishes, there is a good variety such as guacamole, bacon pasta with cashews and chicken pot pie stew. Desserts include chocolate lava cake and caramel pumpkin spice bread pudding. Souplantation caters for vegans, vegetarians and some dishes are gluten free with a choice of salads, muffins and biscuits. Parties are also catered for, and to help with your budget Souplantation provide coupons and gift cards.

Whether cooking from home or eating out, biological food provides the same variety without harming ourselves, or our environment. It can eliminate allergies and keep us healthy because, after all, we are what we eat!

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Benefits Of Agriculture

Agriculture is the art of growing crops like fruits and vegetables for consumption or sale. Agriculture is the backbone of every country’s economy since it provides foods, employment and raw materials to people. Below are the benefits of agriculture.


Contribution to National Revenue

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In most developing countries, agriculture is the main source of income. For example in East Africa, Kenya is the leading country that imports tea and coffee. The coffee produced is then sold to developed countries, and this raises a country’s revenue.


Food Supply

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Agriculture provides food both local and international levels. With insufficient crops and livestock, the world would have a limited and unreliable supply of food. Most people would live a nomadic life of moving from one place to another in search of food. Agriculture provides enough food for companies to process and pack and are used when there is little production. For example, when beans are not in season, people buy processed beans which were manufactured when the supply was high. This ensures the supply of food is sufficient.


Source of Raw Materials

For industries to run efficiently, they need a good supply of raw materials. The raw materials can range from cotton, pyrethrum, tobacco or sugarcane. Agriculture ensures there is a constant supply of these raw materials to keep industries running. For example, sugar companies need a good supply of sugarcane to continue its operation. Insecticide companies also require pyrethrum as a raw material.


Cleaning the Air

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Agriculture helps in balancing the air. During the day, Crops inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen during photosynthesis. Human beings and animals inhale the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. If the plants exhaled carbon dioxide, there would be a completion for air. Crops help reduce the carbon dioxide which leads to global warming.


Reduction In Soil Erosion And Flooding

Growing of plants like sweet potatoes and trees for human consumption helps prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion can occur due to heavy rains and winds. The plant’s roots hold firmly on the ground, during heavy rains minimizing erosion. Also, areas with trees and grass are less likely to flood since the plants absorb a lot of water before water runoff occurs. This helps conserve the soil and prevent water pollution by soil sediments and chemicals used in agriculture.


Source of Savings

Some people depend wholly on agriculture practices and have no other source of income, they produce and sell their products. This enables them to save money and use it later to develop their farms or improve their living standards.

Agriculture also helps corporations save, for example, Souplanation restaurants offer attractive coupons on their food by decreasing their price to attract more customers thus increasing their sales and revenue.


Public Health

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Agriculture is the source of dairy products, meats, fruits, and vegetables. Al these are full of nutrients which are recommended by doctors to lead a healthy life. These nutrients enable the body to increase its resistant to disease which is caused by nutrients deficiency. For example, bananas are an excellent source of calcium which is needed for bone formation.


Maintain Treaties

Most countries depend on agricultural products to for export, example tobacco, flowers, tea, and coffee. Since not all countries can export electronics and other goods, agriculture ensures there is a good treaty between countries. Countries that trade together maintain peace and support each other during conflicts.


Employment opportunities

Agriculture sector helps reduce the rate of unemployment in the nation by providing employment to the labour force. Also, farming activities like building irrigation schemes provide employment. Industries that manufacture agricultural products need personnel to run the workforce, and this is an excellent employment opportunity for people. For example Souplanation restaurants are famous for their soups and salads and need a motivated workforce to serve their customers. These restaurants create employment to locals.

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Where Do Those Tasty Vegetables Come From?

Growing tasty vegetables is an art form for farmers across the country. They painstakingly care for and nurture their crops to ensure the best looking and best tasting vegetables available. They begin when the sun rises watering and caring for the plants. They have to carefully balance the science of balanced soil and plant nutrition with the hard work and dedication that it takes to create flavorful and healthful vegetables for you and your family.

The Farmers Work

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When growing vegetables, farmers must closely watch the crops and give them the nutrition and attention that they need to be the very best that they can be. Being a farmer also mean watching the weather and using science to make the most of the plants that they care for. Farmers must know when to plow the fields and what nutrients that the plants need. They must also have perfect timing when planting their crops. The plants must be grown in a particular environment at a particular time of the year to produce the very best that they possibly can. The farmer must provide the right amount of water and fertilizer to get the results that the consumer demands. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, squash, carrots, and of course tomatoes all require plenty of love and attention to be their very best.

Growing Vegetables

We don’t really take the time to think about all of the hard work that is put into growing vegetables normally. We appreciate the taste and all the good things that they do for our bodies. However, Sweet Tomatoes knows how much dedication it takes to produce the very best high-quality foods. They appreciate the farmers that dedicate their time and attention to perfecting the incredible foods that Sweet Tomatoes uses to provide delicious and nutritious meals to their customers. Sweet Tomatoes doesn’t get their produce from a mass marketer or from a large distribution company. They get their ingredients directly from local farmers. The food comes from farm to table without going through a middleman. This means that they can keep their costs down and at the same time make sure that the hard working farmer sees the profits.

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Sweet Tomatoes features the very best fresh foods that are used to make soups and salads to get excited about. They also have a fabulous lunch that you can get for a great price with a Sweet Tomatoes coupons $6.99 lunch. Sweet Tomatoes coupons are a great way to make a great meal even better. If you haven’t had a chance to try Sweet Tomatoes yet, do yourself a favor and make a plan to visit one of their locations today. Experience the flavors of all natural farm raised produce. Savor the flavors that can only be found at Sweet Tomatoes. Take a break from the ordinary run of the mill meals that are found at the chains stores that are in every town. Much of the food on their menus are frozen and processed and full of chemicals and ingredients that are bad for you. They are also priced too high and offer too little quality. At Sweet Tomatoes you will get a fresh and delicious meal that is priced just right.