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Biological Food and its Benefits

What is biological food?

Simply, it is organic. This means the food has been naturally grown using compost or manure, any pesticides used are from natural ingredients, and nature’s helpers – the birds and insects – are used to get rid of pests along with traps rather than chemical poisons. Livestock are not given hormones or antibiotics and are fed their natural diet, which is GMO free and organic. They are kept healthy by a natural lifestyle consisting of fresh air, clean housing and rotational grazing.

The benefits of biological food

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We are all organic (biological) organisms. Our health depends on what we eat, but the challenges of a healthy diet go far beyond shedding extra pounds. We are ‘made’ of natural materials – not man made chemicals – and whatever we eat becomes part of our bodies; as muscle, fat, blood and bone. Many diseases, such as cancer, are considered ‘new’ because they rarely, if at all, existed before today’s ‘chemical age’. Science continues to debate the pros and cons of living in an ‘advanced’ society which not only offloads chemicals into the air and water, but adds them to our food. So it’s up to us to do our research and try the healthier alternatives for ourselves – like biological Food.

Food for Thought

The effect of a growing population has resulted in the need to preserve as much food as possible, growing it as fast as possible, without sharing with the insects! But we are part of a ‘sharing’ ecosystem, with all living beings depending on each other to survive, so this has lead to major problems. With the introduction of synthetic pesticides along with antibiotics, fungicides, irradiation, synthetic fertilizers, sludge fertilizers (made from human sewage) and biotechnology, together with medicated feed, hormones, herbicides and chemicals used in processing, little wonder health problems continue to rise, along with damage to the environment and pollinating insects such as bees. Local eco-systems have been seriously affected by continual dependence on these methods, which are not necessary and never have been.

Thankfully, more and more people are choosing not to support companies who produce food this way. And the alternative? Biological (organic) food. Reports are that this food not only tastes better, but is more nutritious – so you feel better too. There are contradictions to consider, such as a UK study which claimed the nutritional value between biological and non-biological produce was no different: however, chemicals taken into the body can affect our ability to absorb nutrients; resulting in more work for our immune systems, and less focus on digestion – so fewer nutrients are absorbed. An overloaded immune system can lead to allergies, and many people have reported success – with their allergies disappearing completely – on-switching to biological food.

Is biological food more expensive?

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Reports are yes, but only by a small margin. This is because natural production is more time-consuming. By comparison, a big brand perfume will cost between ten to hundreds of dollars more than a less popular one – a far greater margin. The good news is biological produce is readily available in supermarkets as well as smaller stores, and if you can’t go completely biological to begin with, doing it gradually to fit in with your budget can still reward you with lifetime benefits. But what about eating out? Well, here’s more good news…


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Don’t expect a couple of salad leaves and a lone tomato here! You can eat as much as you want, and what you choose is not only biological, but fresh too – from local farms, served within hours of delivery – then cooked from scratch. Whether vegetarian or meat dishes, there is a good variety such as guacamole, bacon pasta with cashews and chicken pot pie stew. Desserts include chocolate lava cake and caramel pumpkin spice bread pudding. Souplantation caters for vegans, vegetarians and some dishes are gluten free with a choice of salads, muffins and biscuits. Parties are also catered for, and to help with your budget Souplantation provide coupons and gift cards.

Whether cooking from home or eating out, biological food provides the same variety without harming ourselves, or our environment. It can eliminate allergies and keep us healthy because, after all, we are what we eat!