mod_backhand: A load balancing module for the Apache web server

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Table of contents

mod_backhand: A load balancing module for the Apache web server

mod_backhand What does it provide?


Web clustering problems

Practiced Solutions

Simple web server model (standalone)

DNS Round Robin

Single Point Proxies

Cisco LocalDirector

Alteon switching fabric

BIG/ ip

The mod_backhand approach

Information Collection

Administrative decisions

Practical Scenario 1: Overview

Practical Scenario 1: mod_backhand configuration

Practical Scenario 1: Benefits

Practical Scenario 2: Overview

Practical Scenario 2: mod_backhand configuration

Practical Scenario 2: Benefits

A Flexible Framework

A Flexible Framework: Built-in candidacy functions

A Flexible Framework: The byCost function

A Flexible Framework: The decision making process

A Flexible Framework: A practical example

A Flexible Framework: Writing your own decision function

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Architecture: A standard Apache module in C

Architecture: Exploiting the Apache environment

Architecture: Information Collection

Architecture: Information Collection

Architecture: Cluster Communication

Architecture: The Big Picture

Future Work: More accurate decision functions

Future Work: Scalability and Managability

The Backhand Project


Author: Theo Schlossnagle